17th MARCH 2015 FINAL VERDICT of the Marisa Prommana


On 17th March 2015 the Court of Appeal in Pattaya pronounced their final verdict: Marisa has been sentenced to lifelong imprisonment for her involvement in the murder of Jules and she was arrested immediately.

Justice has been done to Jules almost 12 years after his murder!
The trial against Marisa Prommana started on 26th October 2009 and took about 5.5 years.
On 10th May 2012 the judge in Pattaya Provincial Court acquitted Marisa. According to the sentence of the judge, it had been proven that Marisa had been present when the murder of Jules had been planned, but that she might have changed her mind in the period between the planning and the actual murder. After this, Marisa was released on bail in expectation of our possible decision to appeal to a higher court.

We have not doubted for a moment to do so and in August 2012 an Official Appeal was made both by our lawyer and by the public prosecutor.

The end of April 2013 Marisa was pronounced guilty by the Appeal Court and was condemned to lifelong imprisonment.

Marisa immediately gave notice of appeal at Dika Court, which is the Supreme Court of Thailand and she was released on bail.

On 17th March 2015 Dika Court confirmed the verdict of the Appeal Court.