Statement by the Odekerken family

We are very pleased and relieved, that with the detection and arrest of the main culprit of the murder of our brother Jules Odekerken, a struggle for justice has finally come to an end after so many years. At long last justice has prevailed!!

Many thanks to all of those who have supported and helped our family during those seventeen years. All of them have taken great pains.

Our gratitude is particularly directed to:

  • Prime Minister Prayut Chan-ocha and the other Thai authorities
  • The Royal Thai Police
  • The Thai embassy in The Hague
  • The Dutch embassy in Bangkok
  • The KLPD
  • Mrs. Tessa Martens and Mr. Perry Berk working for the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with whom we have a very warm and friendly contact.

    Dear Jules, PERSEVERABO! Together we have pulled it off!

    The Odekerken family

    The Odekerken family will not be avalaible for interviews.
    Media issues will be handled by Silvie de Peijper, media-advisor at 'Namens de Familie'.
    She may be contacted at +31 6 469 18 024.