From Thairath Newspaper - Wednesday 19 november 2003   Policemen got the murderers and one of them is Marisa's brother. He confessed that Jules was killed because he found out that his wife was unfaithful to him. Marisa's brother and the paramour (the government officer in Langsuan district, Chumporn) hurt Jules and then tied the rope to Jules' neck until he lost conciousness. After that they took unconcious Jules to his car and drove to the garbage site, and then used the concrete bar hit him until he died.   Langsuan policemen arrested the guy (the paramour) while he was working in the office, he went pale when he saw the polices.   But he refused everything. Jules's wife and 2 of her brother's friends is investigated now because the polices suspected that they're all involved.   After the investigation, the polices found out that the murderers are Marisa's brother and her paramour.   They commited the crime together. Marisa's brother said Mr. Anupong (the paramour) has been having secret relationship with Marisa for a long time. He always visited Marisa while Jules was away. Many years ago Anupong used to help him with the robbery case, and then they became friends.   On Sunday, Jules told Marisa (and her brother was there also) that he was going to go to Phuket. But before that Jules suspected that his wife was unfaithful to him, so he came back and found out that Marisa was doing something with the guy (Anupong). Jules got so angry, so both Marisa's brother and Anupong hurt him.