Verdict in connection with the Jules Odekerken (Master of Science) murder-case due soon


Vught, 3 October 2007


On Wednesday, 7 November the judge of Pattaya Court in Thailand will pass sentence on the suspects of the murder of Jules Odekerken, which took place on 17 November 2003 in front of his house in Pattaya.


The court session will be attended by close relatives, a representative of the Dutch Embassy and the spokesman of the Odekerken family.


Fred Teeven, member of the Dutch parliament, has been informed of the case and closely follows all developments.


Background information


Jules Odekerken lived to be 46 years old. He was an ex-resident of Vught and lived in Thailand for about five years. There he worked amongst other things for Rabobank before he started Newstoday. This company, which had four offices in Thailand, distributed amongst other things the internet version of De Telegraaf newspaper. 


Prime suspects


Prime suspects of the crime are Seksan Prommana, brother to Jules’s Thai wife Marisa Prommana, and Anupong Sutthani, who used to be Marisa’s secret lover. Seksan Prommana, who is in prison right now, immediately confessed to the crime, and also stated that Anupong Sutthani was the main perpetrator of the crime.


The motive


From the evidence of witnesses it became clear, that a secret meeting was held during the afternoon preceding the murder, attended by the suspects and Marisa Prommana. The motive for the murder of Jules was to lay hands on his money and possessions. Because of his confession Seksan Prommana was imprisoned. Seksan Prommana also spent some time in prison for another murder case, but was subsequently released on bail by his sister Marisa.


Since Marisa’s lover Anupong Sutthani persists in his innocence in connection with the murder of Jules, he was released on bail shortly afterwards. Anupong Sutthani is ex-mayor of a small town in the south of Thailand and has influential friends in politics. By the end of January 2004, two months after the murder, the police closed investigations and witnesses were heard until September 2007. The judge’s verdict is due on 7 November 2007.


Editorial note

For further information on this memo and requests for interviews, please contact Bart Bakker. He is spokesman for the Odekerken family. Telephone 0031-(6) 51 977 133 or the e-mail address . Bart will attend the court session of 7 November and also attended a previous court session in Pattaya.

Further information can also be found on the website .