After a delay of almost one year, the court sessions versus the suspects of the murder of Jules will be re-opened in Pattaya. Some ten sessions have been planned for November 2006.


In the meantime, however, we have done a lot of work through the year, and many people along with us, have been very busy to get a closer insight to find out what really took place on the evening of the assassination of Jules and during the preceding months.


New witnesses have appeared and incriminating testimonies versus the suspects have been recorded and will be used in court.


All our efforts (and those of many other people, who showed a great concern and involvement in our cause) have brought about a great sense of togetherness and strengthened us in our firm belief that, in the case of Jules, justice will prevail.


Many people with us closely follow the trial in Thailand and its developments. However, there is one thing we are absolutely sure of: There is no way for those who killed Jules to get away with this unpunished.