Press memo, 8 November 2006, Odekerken family, Vught


‘Witness statements are crucial in the Jules Odekerken murder case’


Vught/Bangkok/Pattaya- A number of family members, Member of Parliament Mr. Hilbrand Nawijn and his spokesman Mr. Bart Bakker have attended the first substantial court session in the Jules Odekerken murder case. The session took place in the courtroom of Pattaya.


Before the court session, a round table meeting was held at the Dutch Embassy in Bangkok in the presence of the Dutch ambassador, Mr. Pieter Marres and some other people. At the end of the meeting, mutual contentment was expressed about the collaboration between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Embassy in Bangkok, Member of Parliament Mr. Hilbrand Nawijn and the Odekerken family. Afterwards an informal lunch followed in the ambassador’s residence with the ambassador’s wife joining in.




In the courtroom a most peculiar encounter followed. The family members were at only a yard’s distance from the assassins. One of the suspects was led into the courtroom with an iron chain around his feet. Next to him was the other crime suspect. He still runs free on bail. ’I have obtained a clear picture of how and by whom Jules Odekerken was killed It happened in a most brutal way’, says Mr. Hilbrand Nawijn. ‘There are two key witnesses. The court system in Thailand originates from the Anglo-Saxon system. All witnesses are called upon to make their statements before the judge. The prosecution department and the victim’s lawyer must collect all the evidence they can get. It goes without saying that witness statements are crucial for the trial’.


Witness statements


The next few days a number of witness statements will be made before the judge. Some persons will also be questioned by the judge. They will state that Anupong and Marisa were staying at a hotel in Pattaya the day before the murder. He was not in the south of Thailand as he had previously declared. On 12 March 2007, Marisa, the victim’s wife, will be called upon to make a statement before the judge. Her secret lover, Anupong, one of the assassins, will hear this week if his bail is lifted and if he is put in prison immediately. The key witnesses will be heard by the judge on 26 March 2007.




‘We will persevere’, say the family members. ‘The confrontation with the murderers was tough. However, we will not rest until the perpetrators of the crime against our brother get their just and lawful punishment ‘.

Mr. Hilbrand Nawijn will also represent the family’s interests during the next few months. Further information about this case can be found on the website


Editorial note


For further information on the contents of this memo, please contact Bart Bakker, spokesman for the family, tel. 0031- (0)6- 51 977 133. The family does not wish to be contacted directly, but refers to Bart Bakker as their spokesman.