Press memo,

9 November, 2007

Verdict in the Jules Odekerken murder case adjourned to 21 December


Pattaya- The judge has decided to adjourn the verdict to 21 December at 10 o’clock a.m., because the suspect Anuphong Suthani did not appear in court for the session of 7 November. The judge has also made a warrant to arrest Anuphong. He had been released on bail. Seksan, brother to Jules Odekerken’s wife, immediately confessed the crime and has been in custody for four years now, awaiting his verdict, which is also due on 21 December.

Many people in the courtroom


Many people were in the courtroom when the judge made his statement. Among them were quite a few Dutchmen, who wanted to show their support to the Odekerken family with their presence. The Dutch Ambassador, Mr. Pieter Marres, also attended the session in Pattaya, with a number of his staff members on behalf of the Dutch authorities. Not only brothers and sisters of Jules were present, but also two previous business associates, who were also very close friends to Jules, were there.



“We are full of confidence, in view of the statements made by witnesses, that the Thai judge will convict the suspects on 21 December”, says the Odekerken family. “We are also very pleased with the support we get from the Thai authorities, who received us in a most excellent way, and who guaranteed our security. We would also like to thank the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ambassador, Mr. Pieter Marres and Member of Parliament, Mr. Fred Teeven. Their efforts are a great moral support to us”.

Editorial note:

For further information on this press memo, please contact Mr. Bart Bakker, spokesman for the family. (telephone 00 31- 651977133. You will find background information concerning this case on the website .